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When asked what my occupation is, I usually answer – designer. After this, I will immediately add that I mainly deal with furniture design. The reaction received is always positive, it is a lovely job. I also do it for love. The love of wood goes back a long time, my grandfathers and I worked a lot with this material, and many memories are attached to them. To this day, I admire the professionals who make useful objects from such a huge plant in the carpentry workshop. During my early studies, I got to know János Vásárhelyi a famous Hungarian furniture designer, who showed me the beauty of seating furniture.

If I had to define the key to success, perhaps the answer would be complex design. After all the initial conceptualisation and form-finding, I don’t neglect the structural side of the product. It is important to me that my design is aesthetically pleasing, but at the same time can be produced economicaly and above all they are sellable. This implies a close relationship between designer and manufacturer. And a special relationship between user and product. That’s what matters the most.

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